Implementation And Support

While our initial task is to select and design the systems that is best tailored to your business needs, we believe our role is fulfilled only when that system is functioning effectively for you. We will help install equipment, assist in the transition of historical data to the new system, provide detailed training, and setup the necessary controls and procedures to assist a smooth transactions flow in your business.

Data Processing Service

We also provide Data processing services. Our data entry staff is highly trained.

Advance Technologies

We provide extensive services in many advanced and innovative technologies that will become the basic tools of business in the near future. Areas of expertise include imaging, distributed SQL databases, voice and data integration, document management and advanced printing technologies.

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Hardware Selection

Hardware recommendations are unbiased and objective, designed to provide complete compatibility with the software that will be installed, as well as to meet your criteria for performance, reliability, future upgrades, price, maintenance, etc.

Software Selection

The proper software is the key to a successful information system. Our staff are well experienced in evaluating software features and capabilities relative to your business needs now and into the future. We search for the best match of features and flexibility. Our extensive knowledge of the software market is your assurance that our recommendations have undergone a careful review and are appropriate to meet your objectives. We provide you customized software specially designed and written to your requirements.

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Networks are the bases for sharing and moving information. We supply a full range of network designs and implementation support in Win’98, Windows2000, Windows NT, Windows XP,Windows Vista, Windows 7, LAN/WAN, Novell LAN, UNIX, XENIX, etc.

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